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We carry a variety of the best wheel brands in the industry. Whether you are looking for wheels for your truck, 4x4, sedan, hot rod, sports vehicle, minivan or SUV, TireCrazy.com has your online rims covered!

The basic understanding is that a tire is one product and the wheel/rim is another product. Essentially car rims or car wheels are the same thing. The term rim(s),is a slang term in the auto industry and tends to be used in reference to chrome rims, or colored rims, these wheel/rim styles are popular amongst the compact cars and SUV crowd. The term "wheels," tends to be referenced to chrome wheels and black wheels. However, these phrases are most popular with European car models.

There are many tires to choose from at TireCrazy.com and many popular models such as the Goodyear Eagle GT, the Kumho Solus, the Michelin LTX, and of course the Nitto grapplers. Keep in mind, prices are determined by the size, performance and demands of the tire. Popular manufacturers catering to cheap tires online are the Nankang tires, the Kumho tires and the Hankook tire manufacturers.

A great tire brand to select for your 4x4 or truck, are the BF Goodrich tires. These tires are built to last, provide maximum all-terrain traction and offer vehicles a bold and aggressive look! Not to mention, BF Goodrich tires are often selected for tire and wheel packages and are a popular fit for SUV's, trucks and 4x4 tires. Another great fit for SUV's are the, Michelin LTX tires, although they're not as cheap as other brands we offer, these tires are one of the most technologically advanced truck tires on the road and offer a return on your investment!

To help you find a suitable style and match for your vehicle, here is a brief list of some of the wheel brands we offer for trucks and 4x4's: XD Series, Fuel, Gear Alloy, ATX Series, Boyd Coddington Wheels and the Dale Earnhardt Jr. Series are a perfect fit for light trucks and SUV's. Check out our selection of wheel brands and find your perfect fit!

All brands offer stellar quality, innovative designs and are moderately priced. View our selection of wheels for sale to pair up with your tires. We recommend the following brands: American Racing Wheels, Diamo Wheels, Ultra Wheel Company or the Shelby Wheels. These wheel brands offer a clean, sharp look that elevates the overall appearance of your vehicle. Transforming your car from ordinary to extraordinary.

If you're driving a high performance vehicle like: the Audi R8, Chevrolet Corvett Z06, Nissan NISMO350Z or another tuner or sports vehicle, you need top quality tires to deliver the best performance. Browse through our selection of Falken, Pirelli and Fierce tires. Maximize your vehicle's look by selecting the best wheels online from our amazing selection of top wheel brands like: XXR Wheels, Giovanni, Motegi Racing Wheels, ICW Racing and more.

For customers riding in a more luxurious style vehicle such as: Mercedes, Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, etc. TireCrazy.com offers great selections of tire and wheel brands catering to luxury vehicles. View our vast selection of Michelin, Pirelli and Yokohama tires, to enhance the performance and ride of your luxury vehicle. If you're looking to accentuate the overall appearance of your car, browse our selection of car rims for sale. These wheel brands offer a refined finish to your luxury car or SUV.

Click on any one of our top wheel brands to find the wheels/rims for sale online that suit your preferences and vehicle's style.

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