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Welcome to the "Contact," page! On this page you will find our hours of operation and e-mail addresses to contact our departments. Although this information is straight forward and is provided for your convenience, we would also like to give you direction on some other common questions customers looking to buy tires online have.

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One of the first questions that customers often ask is how safe is it to buy tires online? Well we here at have gone the extra mile to ensure that our customers and their pertinent information is safe and secure. If you will notice on all of our pages, we have partnered with a company call McAfee Secure. This outside Security Company tests every page of our website for the possibilities and vulnerabilities to a "hacker." If such vulnerabilities are found we address them and correct them immediately! The date below their company logo shows the last test date to our website. Rest assure that we here at tire crazy want nothing more than to be able to offer Fort Knox security on our tires and wheel for sale. Furthermore, we have also provided our verified and secured certificate, signifying authentication and registration with


A second question that customers often ask is how long have you guys been in business? Well, has had tires for sale on the internet for approximately ten years. However, our knowledgeable staff and company have been in the industry for over thirty years. Our understanding of how much more affordable tires for sale on the internet are, has allowed us to establish a relationship with our customers that is second to none. We hold nothing back, and we don't try to hide our pricing in our shipping. Our continuous commitment is to provide the lowest price on tires possible and compound those savings with our corporate rates on shipping. We here at tire crazy take pride in offering tires for sale at pricing that will save you money.


How fresh are our tires? Tires are partially made of the organic material called "rubber." When this material sits in unfavorable environments, it begins to age and dry out. Unlike other online companies, uses smaller warehouses to house tires. We constantly replenish our smaller inventory on a regular basis; thus, offering some of the freshest tires in the industry. Competitors buy large quantities of cheap tires for sale and let them sit until the last one is gone. When you start with fresh tires, the life of that tire will likely run the full extent of the manufacturer's suggested mileage. Tread life does depend on care and maintenance, but freshness does give each customer the best start possible. We guarantee that any tire pulled from one of our tire racks will be produced within the past 24 months. If you mistakenly receive a tire that exceeds this time frame Tire Crazy will replace the tire, free of charge and with no additional shipping costs. Very few online companies can say they will back their tires for sale like that!


Lastly, customers want to know where they can go to get there tires installed once they have purchased them. Many of our customers work with local shops that welcome the labor business and back any installation, anytime. We truly enjoy working with these small businesses because it makes for an all around enjoyable experience for our customers. Usually, a phone call and an appointment make for a money saving and stress free proposition. However, if you are not lucky enough to have a reputable shop that welcomes the business, then most of our customers buying tires online, is to extend their savings by using large installation facilities like Wal-Mart, Sears, and SamsClub. These places often welcome the labor dollars, house ASE certified technicians, and they offer fair installation prices.

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