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The term Dub is street term for custom wheels 20 inches or larger in diameter, and was popularized through hip hop euphony. This brand of wheels has been extremely popular because of their unique appearance and arrangement. Dub is recognized throughout the world for their bold and flashy sense of style. If you are in the market for wheel and tire packages, then you may also want to match your Dub wheels with our tires for sale.

Dub Custom Wheels features unique lines which are well known as One Piece, Spinners, Three Piece Custom Rims, Zane Edition, and Exclusive. The One Piece Wheels is home to many of the most sought after demand wheels ever designed, example of which is the Big Homies Wheels. The series started with sizes starting from 16 inches rims to 30 inches in rims in diameter. Using popular CNC machining equipment and being custom built to exact manufacturing specifications; Dub rims offer superior quality at affordable prices.

Truck Tires have found a compatible match with the Dub Wheels. Discount tires supplies mounting and balancing free of charge on every wheel and tire package. For additional savings, browse through a few 4x4 wheels and tire packages and uncover suggestions by analysts. Hankook ventus tires have been tested and proven against industry giants such as Michelin tires, and Continental tires. Other brands such as Nitto and Falken have also won the popularity of consumers with value and performance within their respective brands.

For additional inquiries about fitment or the application of Dub wheels, please feel free to contact tire crazy customer service at 1-877-382-2007. Our knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you might have regarding fitments, wheel and tire packages and tires for sale. Remember Tire Crazy does not just have great discount wheel prices; we also have tire racks full of cheap tires waiting to save you money! Tire Crazy is the ultimate online tire discounters!

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