1548260 Continental ContiTrac

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Continental ContiTrac
P265/70R18 114S

OEM Fitment: Nissan


Continental's ContiTrac is a Highway All-Season light truck tires designed to meet the safety and comfort standards of 2WD and 4WD, light- and medium-duty vans, trucks and pickups, as well as crossover and sport utility vehicles. This is a premium tire that is extremely durable and strong offering a quiet, confident and comfortable ride in a range of weather conditions on highways and for light off road usage.

The ContiTrac is engineered by Continental using an optimized blend of tread compound and pattern to ensure a high standard of driving comfort and safety. The optimized tread pattern offers a pattern of grooves and ribs that work together to offer all weather traction and handling. The open shoulder with offset rows gives the ContiTrac as stylish off road look and also ensures grabbing traction for amazing driving and breaking performance on easy terrain. Four wide and deep circumferential grooves in the treads pattern ensure that any water under the tread's footprint is evacuated so that the vehicle revisits hydroplaning on wet, slushy roads. These grooves have a submitted steep taper angle prevents the retention of stones and other small particles from the driving surface to prevent tire damage and maximize tread life. A central solid rib stays in constant contact with the road for exceptional directional stability, responsive handling, precise steering response and confident cornering.

Internally, the ContiTrac is designed to work in conjunction with the external tread pattern to offer an extremely strong resilient tire that is durable and does not damage easily while offering a quiet, smooth and comfortable drive experience.

These truck tires are often uses as Original Equipment on vans, trucks and SUV's, and are usually bought as direct replacements for worn out sets of OE tires. They can also be used on other vehicles as long as they match the size, load range and speed rating of the existing O.E. tires' performance category and specifications. These truck tires can be used in a range of weather conditions, but should not be used where winter snow tires are needed.

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Part Number: 1548260
Tire Size: P265/70R18
Side Wall: BSW
Service Description: 114S
OEM: Nissan

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