350402 Continental ContiProContact

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Continental ContiProContact
215/45R17 87H

OEM Fitment: Mercedes


The Conti ProContact is a Grand Touring All-Season tire developed by Continental originally for European sports coupes and sedans that were sold in North America, but are now also available on a range of other imported and domestic cars. The Conti ProContact is a versatile tire that blends confident handling, a silent smooth ride and stylish looks on dry, wet or lightly snow covered roads all year long.

The Conti ProContact is molded with an all-season tread compound into a symmetric, notched-rib tread pattern with a continuous contact between the tire and the road for enhanced steering response and handling. Wide circumferential grooves promote hydroplaning resistance and traction on wet roads.

Engineers at Continental have designed the Conti ProContact with innovative tread pattern elements that result in a sure footed, controlled drive at high speeds on warm summer roads or wet, stormy and snowy roads alike. Continental's PROactive Edge Technology offers at least 800 arched edges in each tire's tread pattern. These edges offer unparalleled traction because of their unique shape as well as their numbers. The arched pattern of the PROactive Edges ensures that the tread has multiple edges perpendicular to the direction of travel at all times for effective traction and responsive handling. These are further engineered with curved edges that work to reduce tire noise as the pattern elements transfer effortlessly from edge to edge.

Continental's PROgressive Groove Ramp with its wider and progressively rounded groove base that is present in every groove in the Conti ProContact, provides added lateral support for confident cornering .The PROgressive Groove Ramp also provides an effective escape route for water away from the tread for maximized hydroplaning resistance. The Conti ProContact's sipes are specially designed to have a similar arched geometry as the PROactive Edges. This means that the sipes lock together rather than slide across each other when the vehicles turns for stronger more stable tread block elements that are not prone to uncontrolled deformation. Thus the ContiProContact is able to offer precise steering response, and enhanced tread durability.

These are excellent all season tires used by performance cars as OE tires, but they are not meant to be used in place of snow/winter tires. Purchase your original equipment tires at the leading online tire discounter tirecrazy.com today and save! Periodic promotions from Continental offer an additional GPS unit with each tire purchase. Discount tires display this promotion on its home page when the promotion is running. Do not settle for cheap tires, purchase the brand that came with your car at discount tire prices.


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Part Number: 350402
Tire Size: 215/45R17
Side Wall: BSW
Service Description: 87H
Mileage Warranty: 60,000
OEM: Mercedes

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