354656 Continental ContiCrossContact UHP

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Continental ContiCrossContact UHP
255/50R19 107V

OEM Fitment: BMW

Continental Cross Contact UHP

Continental's CrossContact UHP is a summer, Street/Sport Truck tires meant for use on performance trucks and SUV's. It blends outstanding traction, stability and drive comfort with smart styling to ensure your SUV looks as amazing as it feels on the road. The CrossContact UHP has been designed to perform flawlessly at high speeds and on warm summer roads whether they are wet or dry.

Externally the Continental CrossContact UHP has been engineered with a silica enhanced tread compound and an asymmetric tread design for maximum performance. The Silica in the tread compound ensures that the tread remains pliable and maintains its strong gripping abilities on wet or dry road surfaces, with a rolling resistance that is comparable to those offered by Passenger cars. The asymmetric tread design blends features that ensure amazing handling on wet or dry roads. Solid shoulder blocks linked to the continuous rib pattern, large independent tread blocks and a continuous circumferential rib combine to ensure the tire remains in constant contact with the road surface to provide exceptional directional and cornering stability, steering precision, breaking ability and traction. On the other side, the tread features lateral tread grooves and four circumferential grooves evacuating water from under the tire's foot print and enhance traction and prevent aquaplaning on wet road surfaces for a stable drive in wet weather. The Continental CrossContact UHP's bionic contour ensures an extremely short breaking distance essential for safety at high speeds.

The tread halves of the CrossContact UHP have been placed in an offset pattern to ensure that road noise is de-coupled and thus producing a low and discreet noise level. Driving on these tires ensures a silent, comfortable and responsive experience on summer roads. These tires are not meant to be driven on snowy winter roads and should be replaced with winter tires able to deal with snow if you live in areas where winters can be harsh.

Continental CrossContact UHP looks stylish as well featuring smooth black letters reversed out of a serrated sidewall. Match this unique styling with a generous price point and you will see why more customers are buying name brand tires online. A leading tire discounter, tirecrazy.com not only offers excellent pricing on Continental tires, but also offers their rebates and promotions as they become available. Do not equip you luxury vehicle with a cheap tire, buy online and you will see how you can have the name you trust at the price you want. Discount tires customer service can be reached at 1-877-382-2007 six days a week.


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Part Number: 354656
Tire Size: 255/50R19
Side Wall: BSW
Service Description: 107V

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