354658 Continental Conti4x4SportContact

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Continental Conti4x4SportContact
275/40R20 106Y

OEM Fitment: LandRover


Continental's 4x4 SportContact is a summer, Street/Sport Truck tire that brings ultra high performance four wheel drive capabilities to performance pickups and SUV's. This is an exceptional tire with great stability, responsiveness and sophisticated handling even at extremely high speeds and is used as Original Equipment on the Porsche Cayenne S and Cayenne Turbo.

The 4X4 SportContact uses the tread design of Continental's original ContiSportContact Ultra High Performance Summer tire with the large rim diameter sizes appropriate for light trucks to provide a tire that offers exceptional cornering and directional stability, precise steering response, great traction on wet roads, a quiet comfortable drive and the ability to handle H, V or WYZ speed indexes.

The engineers at Continental have molded the tread compound into an asymmetric tread pattern with compact outer shoulder blocks that improve cornering stability and handling. Its wide shoulder lugs provide enhanced road performance. The 4x4 SportContact has a continuous central rib keeps the tire in constant contact with the road's surface for enhanced responsiveness on dry road and high speed stability. The wide circumferential and lateral grooves are able to channel water away from the tires footprint and prevent aquaplaning on wet roads. The presence of offset rows of tread lugs specifically designed by Continental, block out normal road noise for a quiet comfortable drive.

The Continental 4x4 SportContact has been specially designed internally, with spirally wrapped polyamide over a rayon cord carcass, to provide an extremely stable, resilient carcas that does extremely well at very high speeds.

The 4x4 SportContact is an Ultra High Performance Summer tire, it comes with the great looks and amazing handling abilities at extremely high speeds that help you make the most of your powerful SUV or truck. It is not designed to deal with slick snow covered road conditions, and thus should not be driven on snow covered winter roads.

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Part Number: 354658
Tire Size: 275/40R20
Side Wall: BSW
Service Description: 106Y
OEM: LandRover

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