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TSW wheels draw their lineage from the greatest race tracks in the world. Designed primarily for the European car market, TSW wheels have made a name for themselves in quality and workmanship. Whether you own a BMW, Audi, or Mercedes there is no other wheel manufacturer that offers discount wheel prices on premium European styling.

Tested on many famous race tracks and in demand by Euro car enthusiasts, TWS wheels balance their strength with style. Originally founded by a former Formula One racing driver, and drawing on racing technology, TSW wheels share their race heritage with each and every customer. A European car owner looking for unique rims for sale need not look any further than the TSW wheel line up.

Not only do TSW wheels offer customers the ability to select a staggered wheel set up, they also offer lip designs that enhance the aggressive styling of European car lovers. Many of TSW's wheels for sale are available in their unique finishes of hyper black and hyper silver rims. This look is very similar to black chrome rims, but with a painted finish as opposed to a metallic finish. Wheel sizes range from 18 inch rims, to 20 inch rims for sale. This wide selection allows customers to not only find cheap rims, but custom rims that are unsurpassed in appearance and arrangement. Trendsetting in the European wheel market is no small task; however, TSW wheels have managed to offer internationally recognized wheels for sale, to consumers who are budget conscious and demand superior craftsmanship. This achievement alone distinguishes TSW wheels as a company that offers tire crazy with a legendary reputation.

If you are in the market for wheel and tire packages for your European automobile, then you may also want to match your TSW wheels with the following tires for sale. Many European car owners as of late have been extremely happy with the Hankook tires brand because it offers European car owners cheap tires with sophisticated manufacturing techniques and technology. No matter what you are in the market for, if you have questions regarding TSW wheels, wheel and tire packages, or tires on sale, please feel free to call customer service at 1-877-382-2007 to answer any and all questions. Our customer service representatives can also assist you with any tire rack specials we may be having. Search and save with TireCrazy.com !

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