24x9.5 KM65124967325 KMC Series 651 SLIDE

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KMC Series 651 SLIDE
24x9.5 6/135

The KMC Series 651 SLIDE was designed with the everyday driving enthusiast in mind. The KMC Series 651 SLIDE offer the wheel styles driver's demands, along with the performance desired. In addition, the KMC Series 651 SLIDE KM65124967325 wheels give a vehicle responsive characteristics and predictable handling that makes the drivers experience that much more enjoyable. The KMC Series 651 SLIDE can be found next to the most unique custom wheel looks, such as chrome rims, black rims, and custom rims. tirecrazy.com has their shelves stocked with the lowest wheel prices on KMC Series 651 SLIDE. They have these wheels for sale and ready to ship nationwide! Make sure you check out KMC Series 651 SLIDE custom wheels at tirecrazy.com!


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Part Number: KM65124967325
Diameter x Depth: 24x9.5
Bolt Circle: 6/135
Offset: 25

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