1780200 Pirelli Scorpion Zero

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Pirelli Scorpion Zero
235/60R18 103V

OEM Fitment: Land Rover Freelander / Volvo XC90


The Scorpion Zero brings the sports car feel to your SUV.

The Pirelli Scorpion Zero follows in the footsteps of the legendary P Zero Series of tires from Pirelli, a Street/Sport Truck All-Season tire these tires are designed for SUV's and pick up trucks. The Scorpion Zero is a high performance tire used to compliment the power of luxury automobiles like Mercedes, Porsche and Volvo, bringing stability at high speeds and superior handling on diverse road conditions through out the year.

Pirelli Engineers have used an advanced all season tread compound that retains its flexible nature on hot summer roads as well as on near freezing winter roads, allowing for confident traction and handling on irregular surfaces in any season of the year on dry, wet or slightly snowed upon winter roads. This tread compound is molded into a symmetric tread pattern that for an incredibly safe, smooth, comfortable ride and a sports car like responsive performance for your SUV or pick up.

The Scorpion Zero has two tread variants depending on the width of the tire, wider tires have two rows of 'Z' shaped tread blocks while narrower tires have only one, also the wider tires have one extra circumferential channel, ensuring enhanced wet and dry traction for vehicles that use this tire size. The tread pattern also ensures high speed maneuverability and low road noise levels.

The shoulders of the Scorpion Zero by Pirelli has stable tread blocks for confidence while cornering, and the 'Z' shaped pattern of the intermediate tread blocks keep your vehicle in constant contact with the road's surface to provide exceptional steering response and impressive control while accelerating or breaking on dry roads. The longitudinal channels and lateral grooves in the tread are able to provide traction on wet roads as they eliminate water from between the tire and the road to maintain road contact and prevent aquaplaning. The presence of sipes on the tread surface ensures safe traction during mild winter conditions as their biting edges grip packed snow.

Like any all season tire, the Scorpion Zero should not be used where severe winters result in road conditions that require the use of specialized Snow or Winter tires.


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Part Number: 1780200
Tire Size: 235/60R18
Side Wall: RBL
Service Description: 103V
OEM: Land Rover Freelander / Volvo XC90

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