1680900 Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico

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Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico
245/45R20 99W

OEM Fitment: Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8


Rediscover the pleasure of driving with the Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico.

A top rated stylish Street/Sports Truck All Season tire the Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico brings best in class performance to your powerful crossovers, Sports Utility Vehicles and Pick up trucks bringing their sporty nature to the fore. The Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico is designed especially for North American roads to provide high speed stability and effortless control on dry, wet or winters slightly snowed upon surfaces.

Engineers at Pirelli have used sophisticated manufacturing and design techniques to produce a tire that has been rated highly by many trade magazines for its exceptional grip and even wear. An all season tread compound that offers a progressive grip while cornering and retains pliability on summers hot road and winters near freezing ones as well has been used to mold the tread for the Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico. Tread compound pliability is necessary to ensure that the tire is able to grip the road well and that the tread patterns features are fully realized.

The Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico has a unique asymmetric tread pattern molded using its all season tread compound, resulting in a tire that offers high speed stability, a quiet comfortable ride, even tread wear and high mileage. A continuous circumferential rib flanked by 'Z' profile intermediate tread blocks work together to cut road noise while ensuring superior traction on dry surfaces by maintaining constant contact with the road assuring responsive steering, acceleration and breaking for a sports car like feel. The Z profile tread pattern offers grip on different surfaces for limited off road use as well. Continuous longitudinal block profiles and compact shoulder blocks offer high stability and pattern stiffness for high speed performance and control.

The presence of longitudinal channels and lateral grooves are efficient at evacuating water from under the tire on wet or slushy roads ensuring that the tire retains traction and does not aquaplane during foul road or weather conditions.

Like any all season tire the Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico does not offer the kind of traction needed for safe driving on winter roads in areas where severe winters require the grip provided by specialized snow/winter tires.


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Part Number: 1680900
Tire Size: 245/45R20
Side Wall: RBL
Service Description: 99W
OEM: Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8

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