1574200 Pirelli PZero Rosso Asimmetrico

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Pirelli PZero Rosso Asimmetrico
265/45R20 Porsche 996 GT2 / GT3 / GT3FL (R

OEM Fitment: Mercedes M Class / R Class


Taking your sports car to the limit.

Pirelli's P Zero Rosso tires come from a remarkable lineage of passionate race track inspired sports performance tires. This is the ultimate Max Performance Summer tire for your sports car providing the best in high speed performance and comfort every time. The Pirelli Pzero Rosso are used as Original Equipment fitments on some of the most powerful cars on the planet as they are designed specifically for the modern sports car with electronic drive and stability control systems.

Engineered by Pirelli using specialized materials and manufacturing methods the Pirelli P Zero Rosso tires have two versions; the P Zero Rosso Asimmertico and the P Zero Rosso Direzionale. Both versions use silica enhanced tread compounds which grip the road better over a wider temperature variable so provide traction at lower temperatures and on wet roads as well as lower rolling resistance on dry roads. The tread is internally supported by PenTec cord (a material developed for space exploration) for high speed stability and a lightweight yet strong tire.

The Pirelli P Zero Rosso Asimmertico has an asymmetric tread pattern and can be used on both front and rear axle positions for front engine front wheel or rear wheel drive vehicles as well as on any cars that are driven on the track. This version of the P Zero Rosso has a semi-slick center rib for precise acceleration, breaking and steering response. A robust outer shoulder works with intermediate tread blocks and circumferential 'multi ring' ribs to provide constant contact with the road and enhance grip on dry roads. Wide grooves along the inner intermediate rib and the inside shoulder help channel water away from under the tire's footprint resisting hydroplaning and providing traction on wet roads. Curved grooves in conjunction with the circumferential grooves reduce noise for a comfortable ride.

The Pirelli P Zero Rosso Direzionale has a directional tread pattern and is designed to be fitted only on a lighter load carrying front axle of mid or rear engine, rear wheel drive vehicles. They sport "arrow" grooves and longitudinal channels that together ensure excellent grip on both wet and dry roads. Vehicles with the P Zero Rosso Direzionale may be paired with the P Zero Rosso Asimmetrico in the rear axle position for maximized performance.

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Part Number: 1574200
Tire Size: 265/45R20
Side Wall: RBL
Service Description: Porsche 996 GT2 / GT3 / GT3FL (R
UTQG: 220/160/6
OEM: Mercedes M Class / R Class

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