205-730 Nitto Trail Grappler MT

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Nitto Trail Grappler MT
35/12.50R17 121/Q E Load

Off Road Confidence and On Road Comfort on Nitto's Trail Grappler.

Mixing the best features of the Mud Grappler and the Terra Grappler, Nitto has designed a superior Trail Terrain, All Season, All Terrain, Light Truck Radial in its Trail Grappler. This amazing tire not only performs flawlessly off road, but offers a smooth silent and comfortable ride on the highway. It has been tested against the Mud Grappler and found to be34% quieter at city speeds and 36% quieter at highway speeds.

The Trail Grappler is constructed with an all season tread compound that retains pliability and thus resists cracks and chips, over a wide temperature differential and is an extremely versatile tire taking you on and off the road with equal aplomb throughout the year. This unique tread compound is molded into an aggressive and extremely well designed tread pattern, with features that combine to offer aggressive traction, silent comfort and stability on any surface.

For excellent off road capabilities the Trail Grappler has a balanced void to tread ratio that resists any build up of mud or other detritus on the tread face to ensure off road traction without compromising on road comfort. A stone ejector groove pattern along its shoulders is excellent at evacuating mud, stones and other objects to prevent damage to the tread. Reinforced shoulder grooves offer all season traction and confident off road handling without compromising block stiffness. A central Z' groove provides lateral stability and enhanced traction on muddy trails. The presence of 3D tapered grooves provide additional biting edges for improved performance off the road, a deep central sipe on the tread blocks prevents hydroplaning by biting through the water and holding on to the road or trails' surface.

Engineered using Nitto's proprietary automated manufacturing system; these are extremely uniform tires that offer a smooth ride on paved roads. Internally the Trail Grappler uses Nitto's 3-ply sidewall with a high turn-up construction to prevent punctures while off roading.


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Part Number: 205-730
Tire Size: 35/12.50R17
Side Wall: BSW
Service Description: 121/Q E Load

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