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255/50R17 105V


The Smart All Season Choice from Nitto.

Confidence on the road in all weather conditions and long lasting tread life come with the NT450 from Nitto. This is an entry level, All-Season Ultra High Performance tire that is designed for traction on dry or wet summer roads as well as near freezing winter conditions, enhancing the performance capabilities of your vehicle. Nitto engineers have used the latest in tire technology constructing a durable, stable and consistent tire in all weather conditions.

The NT450 uses a long wearing, durable, all weather tread compound that maintains its flexibility without chipping or cracking over a wide range of temperatures, from hot summer roads to near freezing winter ones even at high speeds. This tread compound is molded into a unidirectional tread pattern. This directionality of the tread ensures that the 'V' shape of the tread works exceptionally well ensuring traction on wet surfaces.

The all season tread pattern focuses on wet and dry traction and exceptional handling on all roads through the year. A double circumferential rib pattern, made from solid tread block elements ensures that the tire maintains constant contact with the roads surface for exceptional stability along straight stretches of road and provides amazing acceleration and breaking capabilities. A pattern of grooves that form a double 'V' with slanting grooves and lateral slits in a unidirectional arrangement are extremely effective at evacuating water and slush from under the tire's footprint, maintaining traction by ensuring tread to road contact at all times and preventing any occurrence of hydroplaning.

The NT450 is engineered internally to ensure a long stable tread life and comes with a UTQG treadwear rating of 300, as well as a 45,000-mile limited treadwear warranty. Like any all season tire the NT450 should not be used when severe winter weather conditions result in snow covered roads that require the use of specialized snow/winter tires.


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Part Number: 183-900
Tire Size: 255/50R17
Side Wall: BSW
Service Description: 105V
Mileage Warranty: 45,000

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