202-080 Nitto NT-420S

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Nitto NT-420S
305/40R23 115H


High Speed Performance through the year.

The Nitto NT420S is an exceptional tire providing a confidant drive experience through the year for you SUV or Truck. An All-Season ultra high performance radial for your Truck or SUV Nitto has designed the NT420S to offer the very best traction on wet, dry or slightly snow covered roads through the year and a comfortable quiet ride enhancing the power and performance of your SUV or Truck even at high speeds.

The NT420S uses an all season tread compound which is enriched with Silica expanding its temperature tolerance from hot summer roads to near freezing winter conditions, and improving tread life as well. This also reduced tread flex for better handling on wet roads. This tread compound is molded into an asymmetric tread pattern which is non directional, allowing cross-rotation of tires for better tread life and more even tread wear.

The attractive tread pattern has an off center circumferential groove that draws water away from under the treadís foot print allowing contact between road and tire for better grip and handling on wet or slushy roads, a pattern of lateral grooves also helps this effort. Sipes on the inner shoulder tread blocks also cut through water, and provided many biting edges for grip on wet, slightly snow covered roads. Together his system of grooves and sipes prevent hydroplaning and helps you drive confidently over wet or slightly snow covered surfaces. Slanted 3 dimensional intermediate tread blocks also reduce flex for better handling in inclement weather.

The tread blocks along the outer shoulder of the NT420S are large and provide an almost continuous contact area between the tire and the roadís surface. This improves handling on dry surfaces, as it enhances steering responsiveness, acceleration and breaking. The large tread blocks along the shoulder also provide the stability and traction needed for confidant cornering on dry roads.

Like any all season tire, the NT420S should not be used in areas that require the traction provided by specialized snow/winter tires.


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Part Number: 202-080
Tire Size: 305/40R23
Side Wall: BSW
Service Description: 115H

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