371-040 Nitto NT-01

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Nitto NT-01
205/40R17 SL


Blazing speed with the NT01.

Nitto helps you blow the completion away with their D.O.T compliant Dry Competition Radials designed specifically for speed on dry roads. These tires utilize the very latest in tire technology in both manufacturing methods as well as tread compound composition, resulting in a stable yet speed enhancing tire. The NT01 will ensure you have every advantage to emerge victorious each time you race, with fast, consistent lap times weather you are a professional road-racer or a track-day enthusiast.

The NT01 is engineered using a special tread compound that has been designed specifically with the racing enthusiast in mind, to ensure the best combination of traction, consistency, heat cycle performance and longevity at extremely high speeds. This is ably supported by a high modulus rayon carcass; advanced body construction and reinforced sidewall construction with together ensure stabile and confident handling while breaking, cornering or driving straight at racing speeds. This specialized tread compound is designed to perform in high heat conditions, and needs to be protected when temperatures drop, by ensuring that they are stored in a temperature controlled environment.

A unique tread design is molded using the advanced tread compound on the carcass for consistent speed, traction and confidant handling. Large nearly continuous shoulder blocks ensure maximized exposure between the tread and the roads surface ensuring dry performance while accelerating, breaking or cornering. Extremely large almost continuous tread blocks along the central part of the tire also help enhance the high speed ability of the NT01. These tires function best on dry surfaces as they lack the grooves and sipes necessary to provide confident traction on wet roads.

Additionally the NT01 may be adapted to perform as a race slick with just two circumferential grooves; to achieve this the tread can be shaved to a depth of 3.32 of an inch.


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Part Number: 371-040
Tire Size: 205/40R17
Side Wall: BSW
Service Description: SL

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