185-340 Nitto NEO Gen

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Nitto NEO Gen
235/30R22 90W


The future of tire technology is here in the Neo Gen by Nitto.

The Neo Gen by Nitto is a blend of all season traction, superior performance, a supremely comfortable ride and excellent control on the road. This is an Ultra High Performance All Season Radial that will take your sports coupe or sedan to the limit of their capabilities, allowing you to experience the thrill of the road with confidence in throughout the year.

The Neo Gen is built to mix a comfortable ride with safe traction and sensible tread longevity using state of the art manufacturing techniques, design and materials. A specially formulated silica reinforced, all season tread compound resists chipping or cracking and maintains the flexibility required for all season traction and a comfortable ride over a wide range of temperature conditions.

This tread compound is molded into an attractive asymmetric non directional tread pattern. This allows the tires to be rotated which in turn improves the tires' tread life. The Neo Gen has an UTQG Tread wear rating of 280. The inner shoulder is made of one continuous block that adds to the tire's stability and reduces tread flex; this means that the tire wears more evenly even if your vehicle has a negative chamber enhancing the tire's tread life. The intermediate tread blocks sport 3D multiwave sipes with interlocking ripples which ensures that the tread block remains firm reducing tread wear while they provide the biting edges that enhance traction on wet roads for confidence on the road in inclement weather.

The deep circumferential groves in conjunction with stylish slanted three dimensional tread blocks and their interspatial groove pattern are extremely efficient evacuators of water from under the tire's footprint aiding traction over wet roads and preventing aquaplaning by maintaining consistent contact between the road and the tread. For dry road performance and superior traction while cornering, the outer shoulder of the Neo Gen has large tread blocks that increase the area in contact with the road surface.

Like any all season tire, the Neo Gen should not be used where weather conditions require the traction provided by specialized snow/winter tires.


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Part Number: 185-340
Tire Size: 235/30R22
Side Wall: BSW
Service Description: 90W

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