200-570 Nitto Mud Grappler

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Nitto Mud Grappler
35/12.5R20 121/Q E Load


Super Size your off road experience with a Nitto Mud Grappler.

The Mud Grappler by Nitto is an All Season, Extreme Terrain, Light truck radial that maximizes the off road capabilities of your light truck, confidently overcoming any ill treatment offered off the beaten track. These tires are built to offer traction over dirt, mud and rock covered trails and tough enough to prevent tire damage caused by sharp objects and rocks on and off the road.

The Mud Grappler is engineered with the very latest tire technologies ensuring tire uniformity and quality. An all season tread compound is molded into an aggressive tread pattern on the Mud Grappler. This ensures that the tread retains traction and pliability on summers hot or winterís near freezing roads alike. Each tread block is built extra strong so that you are assured on road stability and a comfortable, responsive drive even at high speeds on the highway. The Mud Grappler has a unique tread design with a high ratio between the tread blocks and void areas, which specifically allows it to maintain traction on muddy trails by clearing mud or dirt efficiently away from the tire tread. The tread pattern offers tread blocks that are placed so as to ensure constant contact with the ground to enhance steering response and handling on any terrain.

The Mud Grappler has massive side lugs that enhance traction. It also has a three-ply polyester sidewall construction that works in conjunction with its high strength steel belt tread package ensuring that this is one tough tire, able to withstand abuse on and off the road without resulting in a puncture even along the sidewall.

Nitto has ensured that the tire looks tough as well offering two separate sidewall patterns for you to choose from. One side of the tire has a lizard skin embossed design while the other is plain; this allows the driver to choose the image they want to project by choosing the side of the tire they would like facing outwards.


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Part Number: 200-570
Tire Size: 35/12.5R20
Side Wall: BSW
Service Description: 121/Q E Load

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