210-050 Nitto Motivo

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Nitto Motivo
245/45ZR17 99W


A new generation All Season from Nitto.

A faithful friend be it spring or fall, the Nitto Motivo is an amazing All-Season, Ultra High Performance Radial that maximizes the power and performance of your car, handling beautifully on all kinds of road conditions through the year. This state of the art tire, introduced recently by Nitto provides the very best ride, low road noise and high mileage. Motivo is has already created quite a stir in the market as great value for money.

With a treadwear rating of 560, these are exceptionally hardy tires. A specially formulated tread compound remains flexible through a wide temperature difference, from summer's heat to near freezing roads in winter. This ensures the pliability required for traction through the year. This silica enhanced tread compound also offers low rolling resistance on the road, resulting in a more fuel efficient drive. The tread compound works with an advanced tread and carcass design to ensure that the tread is long wearing. The Motivo comes with a 60,000 mile limited tread wear warrenty, which is amongst the best in the industry for all-season performance tires.

Built using proprietary technology in the USA the Nitto Motivo offers a consistent and uniform tire that is smooth and comfortable to drive on. Its unique asymmetric tread pattern has features that ensure confidence on the road always. The exterior large tread blocks work to maximize road contact for enhanced cornering ability and excellent performance on dry roads. A continuous solid center rib provides stability while driving straight for control on the highway at high speeds.

The internal tread blocks are smaller and angled to be more flexible, this ensures the grip that is essential for safe driving on wet or winter roads. For wide circumferential channels evacuate water from under the tire, preventing hydroplaning on wet, slushy roads. The presence of 3D multiwave sipes not only provide stable handling throughout the year from dry surfaces to wet or winter roads but also resist irregular tread wear. The presence of feather sipes provides innumerable biting edges that grip snow covered roads and enhance handling on wet or winter roads.

Like any all-season tire the Motivo should not be used in areas where winters are harsh and require the traction offered by specialized snow/winter tires.


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Part Number: 210-050
Tire Size: 245/45ZR17
Side Wall: BSW
Service Description: 99W
Mileage Warranty: 60,000
UTQG: 560 AA

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