203-390 Nitto INVO

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Nitto INVO
275/25R24 96W


A technologically advanced tire to take your sports car to the max.

A refined luxury sport ultra high performance radial the INVO from Nitto is the result of extensive research and development in tire tread compound chemistry as well as manufacturing and design technology. The INVO is a Luxury Sport Ultra High Performance Radial that offers an amazing blend of performance capabilities on wet or dry roads and a superior comfortable ride with reduced road noise levels tested using digital testing equipment.

The Invo has a silica enriched tread compound that reduces tread flex enhancing the stability of the tread blocks resulting in better acceleration, breaking and overall handling. This tread compound is molded into a computer designed tread pattern that ensures traction on wet or dry roads, and a quiet comfortable confidant ride even at high speeds.

This asymmetric tread pattern that is non directional and allows for rotation, has an outer shoulder with large reinforced tread blocks assuring a wide contact surface between the road and the tire for enhanced handling on dry roads. Variable pitch technology used to design the intermediate tread blocks on the outer side of the tire ensure low road noise levels by producing noise cancelling sound waves.

The inner shoulder of the Invo is designed with a contact patch that offers better breaking ability and a stable ride. The presence of circumferential grooves improves traction on wet roads, as these grooves along with a system of lateral grooves evacuate water from under the tire's footprint preventing hydroplaning by ensuring that the tread remains in contact with the road. A solid circumferential rib increases the tires rigidity and stability and remains in constant contact with the road for impressive steering response, breaking and acceleration on dry roads. 3D multiwave sipes on the tread blocks provide numerous biting edges that enhance wet traction while solidifying the tread to reduce uneven wear. These tires offer an impressive Treadwear rating of 260 for W speed rated tires, and 220 for Y speed rated ones.


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Part Number: 203-390
Tire Size: 275/25R24
Side Wall: BSW
Service Description: 96W

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