402050073 Goodyear Integrity

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Goodyear Integrity
P235/65R17 103S

The Goodyear Integrity is a very popular passenger tire developed by Goodyear and used as Original Equipment on many different family coupes, sedans, minivans, and crossover vehicles. The Integrity is a versatile tire that offers a blend of low rolling resistance tread compounds and tire design for maximized fuel efficiency with all season traction and handling.

The Good Year Integrity tires have a tread designed to offer a responsive ride on a range of road surfaces. To do this it uses a symmetric tread design with different tread features that combine to provide year round traction. A continuous central rib stays in contact with the road consistently and enhances handling on dry roads while helping to dampen road noise for a quiet ride. The shoulders of the Integrity tires are patterned with independent shoulder blocks to enhance cornering stability. The Circumferential grooves on the tire are great at channeling water away from under the tread's path resisting hydroplaning while sipes on the tread blocks have numerous edges that are able to bite into and grip slippery wet roads or roads covered with a light layer of snow.

Internally the Good Year Integrity tire is a strong tire with polyester cord body plies that ensure a smooth comfortable ride; this is reinforced with twin high tensile steel belts for a durable puncture resistant body. These tires are rated S (112mph) or T (118mph) for speed based on the model and size, and should not be driven at higher speeds than those indicated on their ratings as this will result in tire failure.

The Goodyear Integrity sports a stylish external design with smooth lettering on a black sidewall. Like all tires that provide all season traction the Goodyear Integrity tire is not a specialized tire and does not perform any single function extremely well, it does many different things moderately well, thus this tire should not be used on roads that are covered with heavy snow or ice. If you live in an area with strong snowy winters, you should use snow tires for driving on roads that are heavily snowed upon.

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Part Number: 402050073
Tire Size: P235/65R17
Side Wall: BSW
Service Description: 103S
Mileage Warranty: 50,000

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