706052025 Goodyear EAGLE LS

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Goodyear EAGLE LS
P235/60R17 103S


The Goodyear Eagle LS is a Luxury Sport performance (LS) tire from Goodyear. These tires are designed to provide all season traction and a sports car like feel with assured handling and contemporary looks. The Eagle LS can be used on a wide variety of sedans, minivans, crossovers, SUV's or Sports Utility Vehicles and pickup trucks, and often found as Original Equipment on many of them.

The Goodyear Eagle LS tires for sale are designed to provide an extremely smooth ride. Goodyear's' engineers used a symmetric independent tread block pattern. The tread blocks are sized using computer optimization technology to reduce road noise for a very quiet drive and great traction on dry roads. These tread blocks are siped to provide numerous biting edges that are able to break the surface water away from the surface of the road or even ice and improve grip, resist hydroplaning and enhance traction on wet or lightly snowed upon roads. The Goodyear Eagle LS also has wide circumferential grooves that are able to channel water away from the tires' tread or footprint for better traction on wet roads.

Internally this special tire is built with body plies that are reinforced with steel belts that are bound by nylon. This improves durability at high speeds and resists punctures. These tires come with speed ratings starting with the ‘S' speed rating depending upon the tire. An 'S' speed rating means that the car should not be driven at speeds over 112mph, it is advised that drivers do not drive cars over the speed ratings of their tire to avoid tire damage. This Goodyear Eagle tire is an All Season tire that uses a mix of tread and tire body design to manufacture a tire that offers traction on dry, wet or light snow covered roads. Like all All-Season tires these tires are not specialized snow tires and do not offer enough traction for deep snow, and it is best to switch to a snow specific tire to deal with the deeper snow that falls in areas of the US that have severe winters.

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Part Number: 706052025
Tire Size: P235/60R17
Service Description: 103S
UTQG: 360

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