706611163 Goodyear EAGLE LS-2

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Goodyear EAGLE LS-2
P205/70R16 96T

Goodyear's Eagle LS2 is the second generation Luxury Sport performance (LS), Grand Touring, All-Season tire, It has been developed by Goodyear to provide great handling and contemporary looks to suit a range of domestic vehicles as well as imported SUV's, Crossovers, minivans and pickup trucks, and is often found as an Original Equipment fitment on these tires.

The Good Year Eagle LS-2 tires are a Luxury sport performance tire for sale and as such are designed to provide the assured handling abilities of a sports vehicle. Externally the Eagle LS-2 has a computer optimized tread design with tread blocks sized to reduce road noise for a quiet ride. The tread features numerous sipes with their biting edges that re able to bite into snow and ice covered roads for enhanced traction. The tread has wide circumstantial grooves that are able to channel water away from under the tread's path for improved handling and resistance to hydroplaning.

Internally the Good Year Eagle LS-2 tire is a durable tire with twin steel bands to prevent punctures, this is wrapped in nylon (this differs based on the size and speed requirements) for a tire that is able to keep its original shape and offer high speed assurance and traction.

Eagle LS-2 is build in a variety of different models offering various speed ratings, most of these ratings 'S' or higher. A speed rating of 'S' means that it would be dangerous to drive the car at speeds that exceeded 112mph. With speed limits on U.S roads much lower than this, the Eagle LS-2 has few restrictions for the U.S. driver.

The Good Year Eagle LS-2 tires are a very good all season tire for sale that is able to deal with hot, dry, wet or snow covered roads, but like all all-weather tires, these are not snow tires and it would be best to use specific snow tires for deep snow covered roads in areas with heavy winters.

Fit your vehicle with these Good Year tires and see what a difference the ride is like. Tire discounters such as discount tire offer Goodyear rebates on this tire periodically throughout the year. This means that there is no longer a need to consider buying cheap tires for sale when you can own the name brand you want and trust. Search tirecrazy.com today and you will see that there are plenty of Good Year tire deals.


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Part Number: 706611163
Tire Size: P205/70R16
Side Wall: BSW
Service Description: 96T

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