106182625 Goodyear EAGLE GT II

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Goodyear EAGLE GT II
305/50R20 120H


The Goodyear Eagle GT II is a Performance, All Season tire form Goodyear developed for sports cars, coupes, performance pickups and SUV's. The Good Year Eagle is a combination of great looks and amazing all season traction designed to match the speed and performance requirements of a sports car.

The Goodyear Eagle GT II tires for sale offer the driver a choice of contemporary looks as they are available with two style options, Black-serrated sidewalls or Open White-letter Sidewalls. The tread is designed to maximize the performance and sporty handling on luxury performance vehicles in all kinds of weather, an aggressive independent block tread design offers increased contact with the road and great dry traction. Full Depth lateral grooves and solid shoulder tread blocks enhance the car's cornering abilities, while channeling water away from under the tire, to resist hydroplaning and improve handling on wet roads. Siped center tread blocks provide multiple biting edges that enhance grip on wet and slightly snow covered roads. All these features together make this an amazingly responsive tire that handles beautifully on a variety of roads.

Internally the Goodyear Eagle GT II is constructed with polyester body plies for a smoother more comfortable drive feel. The steel belt reinforcement ensures that the tire is tough and resistant to punctures, a layer of nylon to further reinforce the tire improves high speed durability and enhanced ride characteristics for a smooth safe drive on dry, wet or snow covered roads. Like all all-season tires the Good Year Eagle GT II is not a snow or winter tire and should be driven carefully over snow covered roads or replaced with tires that handle deep snow in areas where winters are severe.

These tires come with speed ratings of V(149mph) and H(130) meaning that they can be driven at speeds of up to 149mph, for V speed rating and 130mph for H speed rated tires. Drivers should be careful not to exceed the recommended speeds as that my result in tire failure.

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Part Number: 106182625
Tire Size: 305/50R20
Side Wall: BSW
Service Description: 120H

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