266002056 Dunlop Signature

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Dunlop Signature
P225/55R17 95T


The Dunlop Signature is standard touring, all-season tire developed by Dunlop to be fitted on coupes, sedans, vans and crossover vehicles. The Signature is loaded with state of the art technology to ensure that it takes ride comfort, confident cornering and responsive handling to a level seldom found in ordinary touring tires and in a variety of weather conditions.

Dunlop has used an all-season tread compound to the Dunlop Signature tires for sale to ensure that the tread provides excellent traction on hot, wet or freezing roads. This special tread compound is molded into a symmetric tread pattern with Dunlop's Versaload Technology that optimizes the tire to maximize the footprint in contact with the road for a comfortable ride with enhanced traction, handling and even tread wear under differing load conditions. Dunlop's Multi Pitch Tread Design technology has been used to engineer the Signature's tread block pattern, this technology uses tread blocks in differing sizes arranged in differing patterns so that when in motion on the road they produce noise at pitches that cancel each other out for a silent smooth ride. The presence of circumferential grooves and Dunlop's lateral aqua-grooves helps the tire maintain traction and handling on wet or slushy roads as these grooves channel water away from the tread's footprint and reduce hydroplaning.

Internally the Signature has been exceptionally designed as well; this tire uses special dimensionally Stable Polyester for its body with pre-cured and pre-stretched ply cords to ensure a comfortable smooth ride. The H and V speed rated Signatures come with Dunlop's Jointless Band Technology that helps the tire maintain its original shape even at high speeds for better handling, lower tread wear and reduced vibrations for a better drive feel on highways.

This is an hard working all season tire and it tackles wet rainy roads, hot dry summer roads, and slightly snowed upon winter roads very well, but it cannot provide the traction required for a winter/snow tire and should not be used on freezing roads covered with snow in areas where winters are severe.

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Part Number: 266002056
Tire Size: P225/55R17
Side Wall: BSW
Service Description: 95T
Mileage Warranty: 60,000

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