180-810 Nitto NT-555R EXTREME DRAG

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325/50R15 114V


Aggressive performance on the tract and comfort on the road.

An aggressive racing tire that can also make road trips the NT555R by Nitto is a D.O.T compliant Performance Competition Drag Radial. These tires combine the best features for speed with the flexibility of on road usage, resulting in the perfect set of tires for weekend drag racing enthusiasts.

Nitto has constructed the NT555R using a specialized tread high grip compound that offers a combination of long lasting tread wear as well as drag strip performance. This tire is marked A for temperature tolerance, built to be less sensitive towards degradation from exposure to the heat that is generated at high speeds. The compound is designed to have a working temperature that is wider than normal to cope with the range of temperatures on the track. As these tires are meant to cope beautifully with high temperatures, they do need extra care when the weather turns cold, so as to protect them from exposure to near freezing conditions that may harm the tread compound.

This specialized tread compound is molded at 6/32 of an inch into a tread pattern that provides the aggression required at the start line, the stability to consistently perform at high speeds, and the traction required for on road handling. High tread block rigidity provides a stable contact patch that is required to maintain acceleration after a hard launch. Large tread blocks ensure that the tire retains constant contact with the roads surface for enhanced acceleration and breaking. The absence of sipes also ensures that these tires achieve high speeds. The absence of tread features that are needed for control over wet surfaces ensures that the NT555R is a dry race tire and should not be driven on the road or the track when there is water on its surface.

The NT555R has a unique internal construction that is part racing tire and part radial, straddling the dual worlds of drag racing stability, fast launch performance and high speeds and on road and handling and comfort with ease.


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Part Number: 180-810
Tire Size: 325/50R15
Side Wall: BSW
Service Description: 114V

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