207-000 Nitto NT-05

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Nitto NT-05
315/35R17 102W


Long life and high speed confidence with the NT05.

An exceptional companion for your performance sports car, the NT05 is a Ultra High Performance Radial developed by Nitto after intense computer simulation, modeling and extensive on track testing to balance dry traction with a long tread life. The result is an incredibly responsive street tire that enhances the power and performance capabilities of your sports car on the road for confidant handling and traction even at high speeds.

The NT05 uses a special tread compound with a blend of polymer additives and silica that together provide flexibility and resilience that ensure a tread that works well on wet and dry roads and a grip that is far superior to that provided by tires that have a long tread life. The NT05 has an amazingly high UTQG tread life rating of 200 for an ultra high performance tire.

This tread compound is molded into tread that offers exceptional handling on dry roads. A Class leading void ratio of 67.4% ensures that the tire keeps a lot of rubber in contact with the road. A large and solid central rib maintains constant road contact for enhanced handling, steering response, acceleration and breaking on dry roads. The reinforced large shoulder tread blocks offer enhanced stability for comfort and confidence at high speeds, and the grip and traction required for cornering stably. Two circumferential grooves along the central rib improve wet handling. These grooves evacuate water from under the tread's foot print allowing the tire to remain in contact with the road ensuring traction and preventing hydroplaning when it rains.

Internally these tires are engineered for ultra high performance with materials and composition that provide a stable, puncture resistant tire that remains flat on the road and does not bulge out or squirm even at high speeds. The NT05 has been constructed with stiff sidewalls that improve handling, reduce steering response times and ensure a smoother ride.


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Part Number: 207-000
Tire Size: 315/35R17
Side Wall: BSW
Service Description: 102W

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