Hankook DYNAPRO MT RT03 - Reviewed by 1 Customers Avg. Rating: * * * * * * * Performance Ratings  
Matthew - Norwalk, CT
July 31, 2012
Car Model: 2004 Ford F150
Miles on Tires: 3000
Driving Style: average
Driving Conditions: Mostly City
Would you buy again?: Absolutely

Road noise very acceptable for a mud tire , highway they whine a little but still not as loud as other tires, rain there ok ... they are a mud tire not a all season. In cornering i was sursprise they handle the way they did , sand and mud unlikely to get stuck the sidewall helps grip the conditions. They balanced very well taking no more than 1.5 ounces and 2.25 on one

Dry Traction: 8
Wet Traction: 6
Ice Traction: -
Hydroplaning Resistance: 6
Cornering Stability: 9
Steering Responsiveness: 7
Ride Comfort: 4
Noise Level: 5
Treadwear: 10
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