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Goodyear Assurance ComforTred - Reviewed by 5 Customers Avg. Rating: * * * * * * * * Performance Ratings  
Steven - Metamora, IL
December 13, 2010
Car Model: 2004 LEXUS LS 430
Miles on Tires: 5200
Driving Style: average
Driving Conditions: Combined Highway/City
Would you buy again?: Absolutely

I drive a Lexus LS430. The tires the dealership recommends are a soft rubber tire. This provides a smooth quiet ride but has a very short tread life and I didn't want to replace my tires every 30,000 miles. I bought this good year tire because of the 80,000 tread life and for this I had to give up noise level and ride comfort. All in all a pretty good tire.

Dry Traction: 10
Wet Traction: 9
Ice Traction: 8
Hydroplaning Resistance: 10
Cornering Stability: 9
Steering Responsiveness: 10
Ride Comfort: 6
Noise Level: 8
Treadwear: 10
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